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New Pilot Application Process

We are currently offering a special incentive package to the first 50 pilots who apply for jobs in our growing Virtual Airline.  This package is a CD that is chock-full of scenery, aircraft, sound files, panels, navigational programs, utilities, multiplayer applications and more - all aimed at serving those pilots interested in flying for Air Pacifica VA.

If you have ANY QUESTIONS or CONCERNS, or just need some help getting your feet wet, please do not hesitate to contact our CEO, Kern Pegg.  He is more than willing to assist you in any way he can!

If you are a new pilot, and have already been assigned your Pilot ID number, please work your way through the next three (3) items in the New Recruits menu, on the top left navigation bar on this page.



Tips for Potential
New Applicants

Seriously considering joining Air Pacifica?  We highly recommend that you spend a few minutes reading through the information contained on this page.  We want to ensure you make an informed decision about joining our growing airline!

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Steps to Join Air Pacifica VA:

First, be sure that you have "checked us out" to your satisfaction.  We recommend that you:

  • Read our Company Profile and our History (currently offline).  This will tell you what we're about.

  • If you're still interested, check out our Operations Center (currently offline), to see what we offer in regards to aircraft and flight schedules.

  • Check out our new Pilot Perks Program (currently offline) - aimed at rewarding our pilots as they further their careers in Air Pacifica Airlines.

  • Once you've made an informed decision, 

All you have to do, to APPLY TODAY, is CLICK HERE and follow the instructions on the page.

Applications are normally processed within 3 business days of their receipt.  If you do not hear from us within 3 days of sending your application e-mail, please send us another reminder e-mail, or email our CEO Kern Pegg at

Free Pilot Incentive Package CD Offer:
The first 50 applicants will receive Air Pacifica's Pilot Incentive Package CD for FREE - mailed to their home at no charge.  Ensure you give us your full mailing address when you apply, if you are interested in receiving this great CD. The CD will be mailed out to the first 50 applicants by surface mail - IT IS NOW AVAILABLE - 1st CDs were shipped in December 2000, the second set was shipped in May 2001.  Next set due to ship in July 2001.

Air Pacifica Airlines.   Taking you into the air up there!

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