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Come Fly in Paradise...

Welcome to Air Pacifica Airlines.  We are happy you could visit us!  Our major hub is the Cyril E. King airport located on the island of St. Thomas, in the US Virgin Islands.  From this central location in the Caribbean, our growing virtual airline provides local & regional flights to the US & British Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, St. Kitts & Nevis, Antigua and more.  Our international flights currently service Florida, Canada and Germany.

This is our OFFLINE MIRROR SITE, which should
only be used when our main site below is unavailable. 

If you get excited over the hum of a Twin Otter, dream of flying through a Mecca of island nations, or feel the need to deliver cargo in a vintage DC-7 to people that call you "friend", then we may be the airline for you! 

Our fleet consists of quality, short and medium haul aircraft, that service routes between the beautiful islands that surround the Caribbean.

We are Hiring! - Don't delay, apply today!
Please click the link below to visit our Training Center and find out what 
you need to complete in order to apply for a position in our airline!
We welcome anyone to apply for a Flight Captain certificate with our airline.

Air Pacifica Airlines is proud to be an
Affiliated Member of the SATCO
Global Simulated ATC Network.



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Please support our airline
by purchasing some shares
in our airline's stock!
Visit TheMag by clicking here!

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Air Pacifica Airlines.   Taking you into the air up there!

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