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Category I Certification Exams

If you are wanting to apply to Air Pacifica Airlines, you will be required to complete the Category Certification Exams (CCEs) outlined on this page, and submit the results along with your Application Form to the Human Resources department.

Single Engine

Someone from the HR department will get back to you within 24-72 hours, to inform you as to whether you have been accepted for employment or not.

We have taken careful steps to ensure that both FS98 and FS2000 pilots can successfully complete and submit the Cat I CCEs below:





All new pilots applying
to the airline

AFTER MARCH 31, 2001
must complete the requirements on this page.

- - -




Scenery Requirements: Default Caribbean/Central American scenery from FS98 or FS2000
Flight Hours Requirements: 0 hours of flying time
Aircraft Requirements: Download the Piper PA-28
(Cat I Trainer Aircraft)
Written Exam: Recreational Virtual Pilot Exam (RVP) 
from Steve's Flight School (20 question multiple-choice test)

Must achieve 70% or better to pass.  Ensure you pick Air Pacifica as the "Official Airline" when you fill out the information portion of the exam form.


(2) Download the Pilot Application Form

(3) Fill in and submit your Pilot Application Form to Human Resources.

(4) Once we receive the results of your written test results from Steve's Flight School, along with #3 above, we will process your application.

Valid Category I Aircraft: 
(after passing)
- Piper PA-28 Trainer
- DHC-2 Beaver/Turbo Beaver (floatplanes)
- DHC-3 Otter (floatplane)
- All Cargo Aircraft
Pilot Perks 
Program Benefits

(after passing)
Salary Income
(after passing)
V$1000 per month if you have a Trader account at VASM.

Air Pacifica Airlines.   Taking you into the air up there!

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