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About Our Company
Air Pacifica Virtual Airlines

What is a Virtual Airline? 

A virtual airline (or VA for short), is normally a group of flight simulator enthusiasts who have "banded together" with common tastes, who then look to reproduce "real-life" airline company operations in the virtual world.

Clearly, how "real" each VA gets, is completely up to the people driving the VA.  Some (like America West), choose to be as real as they can, down to every last detail (how they can fly, when they can fly, etc.), and other VAs choose to let the pilots do whatever they want.

The majority of established (i.e. been around more than a year) Virtual Airlines share similar components: training, flying routes, logging pilot hours, providing pilot resources, and painting aircraft in their colors (livery).

Additionally, there will probably be some sort of "tracking" system, which allows pilots to report the hours flown for the VA, and then see their progress tracked through some sort of hour-based experience ranking.  Usually, as your experience grows within the airline, you are rewarded with the opportunity to fly larger aircraft on longer routes.  Not to mention, that experienced pilots are often "recruited" to start participating in more of the VAs operational side of things (Hub Captain, Trainer, Scenery Developer, Flight Planner, Board of Directors, etc.).

Air Pacifica VA recommends that you take the time to visit flight simulation "gateways" like,, and, to see what sort of VAs are available, and which one you are most interested in.  All of these sites above, have resources and articles aimed at helping you choose the "best" VA for you.  

Don't get us wrong, we WANT you to join us - BUT we also know from experience that many people who leave VAs, leave because they were not happy at the resources, experience or opportunities that were offered.  Get informed - then make your decision.

What is Air Pacifica VA like?

There are plenty of choices available to you when you decide to join a VA.  It can be a bit of a challenge to find the VA that best meets your needs and abilities.  Most VAs will offer enough diversity to satisfy both the beginner and advanced simulator pilot.  Some VAs are much more "realistic" in how they operate (operations, procedures, flight planning, reporting, etc.), while others will keep things simple or diverse.  

We at Air Pacifica VA have decided to focus on beginner to mid-range skilled pilots.  It has never been our goal to create a 100% realistic virtual airline, nor has it been our intent to live entirely in "fantasy land".  Our operations are relatively small (but growing), and our service area lends itself to short and medium flights and aircraft, while at the same time we continue to mould and shape the organization to meet the needs of all our pilots - new and old.

What Sets us Apart from the Others?

Our staff and Board members stay engaged with all our pilots.  The CEO prides himself on being able to take the time to: (a) congratulate new pilots after logging their first flight; (b) personally congratulating ever pilot that passes a certification exam; (c) contribute actively in our forums; and (d) make himself as readily available to all pilots - whether by email or ICQ - as is humanly possible.

Not only that, but we are committed to educating our pilots - whether it be on how to load scenery and aircraft, or how to pass their check flights - your knowledge and experience is a top priority.

Additionally, we are not strict enforcers of pilot inactivity.  Although we request that everyone file at least one flight report a month, we do not "kick out" pilots that don't fly regularly.  We realize that everyone has a real life - outside flight simulation - and we'd much rather see a pilot go "on leave" for an extended time, than risk loosing the pilot because he/she feels "badgered" by our staff.  You fly when you can, as often as you can, and we will try to accommodate everyone as best we can.

Finally, we are an organization that values the opinions, experiences and suggestions of our pilots and staff.  Without feedback from you, the organization will not operate well.  YOU are our "gauge" to the health of our operations, and we value all the feedback you can throw at us.  We hope you will seriously consider joining our team, and take the time to provide us with how you feel things are going for you.  


CEO Kern Pegg & the Board



Tips for Potential
New Applicants

Seriously considering joining Air Pacifica?  We highly recommend that you spend a few minutes reading through the information contained on this page.  We want to ensure you make an informed decision about joining our growing airline!

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Air Pacifica Airlines.   Taking you into the air up there!

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