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Officer's Lounge

This area houses our pilot-only resources.  The place for you to get what you need, fast.  Take full advantage of the growing resources here, and be sure to contact us if you think there is something valuable to add!




Air Pacifica Forums

We now have a number of forums open and available to ALL pilots.  Just visit the ezBoard site by clicking the icon below.  You MUST register on ezBoard before you will be able to participate in the forums.  Forum passwords are removed, with the exception of some administrative forums.

Click here to Register (required)

Our Forums - Direct Link


Air Pacifica Online Chat

We now have live chat room available to all pilots.  Just click the link below and you'll be launched to our chat room, hosted by  The chat room is "live" and you may not find anyone in there when you log in.  Evenings are probably the most likely time you will encounter a fellow pilot or staff member, and as the airline grows, the likelihood will increase. Please log-in with your PILOT ID as part of, or all of your "name".

Our Online Chat Room - Direct Link


Charts, Maps & Resources for Purchase


Your purchases, made through this link to Desktop Wings, provide a
small commission to Air Pacifica Airlines to help offset our website
operating costs.  Please visit them today for all your flight simulation
needs (charts, navigation aids, maps, etc.)


Charts for Free

Visit Clearance Unlimited by clicking the logo below.  A great resource of downloadable charts, approach plates, airport diagrams and more!  You MUST have ADOBE ACROBAT READER to view files from this site - all are stored in PDF format.


New Pilot CD

Information will be posted here shortly on the content of version 2.0 of the New Pilot CD.


Air Pacifica Airlines.   Taking you into the air up there!

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