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Air Pacifica Airlines is a virtual airline, operated by and created for aviation and flight simulator enthusiasts.

Air Pacifica Airlines has no connection or affiliation with any real-world airlines, cargo haulers or charter services. 

All information found on this website is not intended for, nor should it ever be used for, real-world aviation. 

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Proudly Canadian
O Canada!
Our operations are
based out of Vancouver,
British Columbia.

Welcome to the Republic of Pacifica's
Flight Academy
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Who we are...
Welcome to Air Pacifica Airlines. We are happy you could visit us! Our major hub is the Cyril E. King airport located on the island of St. Thomas, in the US Virgin Islands. From this central location in the Caribbean, our growing virtual airline provides local & regional flights to the US & British Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, St. Kitts & Nevis, Antigua and more. Our international flights currently service Florida, Canada and Germany.
If you get excited over the hum of a Twin Otter, dream of flying through a Mecca of island nations, or feel the need to deliver cargo in a vintage DC-7 to people that call you "friend", then we may be the airline for you! 
Our fleet consists of quality, short and medium haul aircraft, that service routes between the beautiful islands that surround the Caribbean.
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Latest Updates
New Training Branch
set to Open Soon!

[St. Thomas, USVI] Air Pacifica's CEO Kern Pegg, dropped hints at a meeting earlier this week, that the airline was preparing to launch a new training division for mid to advanced pilot training.  "We've just recently purchased four Valmet L-90 TP trainer aircraft, which have been moved to Trigali for painting and maintenance.  We anticipate launching this program before the end of the year."  Word has it that interested pilots will have to pass a grueling entrance adventure-exam to be eligible.

Logo and the Valmet

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Featured Pic-of-the-Week

Secret Training Facilities of the
Republic of Pacifica Flight Academy

Flight Academy Mountain Facilities - 21-Oct-01 / Dawn
CEO Kern Pegg arrives at the newly established FA Mountain Facilities training center, deep in the heart of Washington State.

Expect to see more "pictures of the week" posted here!  If YOU have a photo that you took while flying one of our aircraft, send it in today and we'd be happy to post YOUR photo here!
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