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10:00 PST - Aug 16, 2001

Down again, Up again

There seems to be some sporadic server problems with our ISP right now.  We've put in a service request, but have found that after trying to refresh the main site 3 or 4 times, you do eventually get back in again.  Your patience during this lag time is appreciated.  Our CEO is taking part in a charity flight for the terminally ill this Friday, and we'll post pictures of his flight soon!

Chances are... that you are here at our mirror site, because of problems with our main website ( ).  We have setup this mirror site to provide our pilots with only the bare minimum resources, most notably the Flight Report Form and the New Hire Package.

Please continue to check back to the main site page listed above, and hopefully our site will be returning to normal operations shortly!  Thank you again for your patience and understanding during this system outage.  Your continued support is appreciated.

~ Kern Pegg, CEO ( )

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